Why the Broken Road?

Why the Broken Road?

Life is not perfect. We have ups and downs all along the way. I see my life as a broken road. I am traveling along and there are bumps, cracks, and imperfections, but my road keeps going. The creator of my road is Jesus and as long as He is driving me, I will ride along.

Before we went overseas as missionaries I was content. I liked where we lived, the people, the church my husband worked at, I was very content. We had no money, we rented a house, our vehicles were old but what we had was love. We had so much love and support in our lives that it all outweighed having no money. We lived in a state of complete trust in God that He would provide our needs and He always did. We worked hard, pinched every penny we could and lived simply. Our goal for going overseas was to be out of debt and the Lord provided that goal.

When we lived overseas we didn’t concern ourselves with money so much as the things that were right in front of our lives. Life was content at times, but also quite difficult. Our marriage got bumpier and life was physically harder and more demanding. Our road wasn’t as smooth.

Coming back to the states was, to say the least, hard. We moved to a completely new area and it was emotionally hard. Our physical life was easy, but emotionally and spiritually our road got bumpy, no, our road got broken. God was still providing our needs but our road got broken and more broken as we lived there. We are so incredibly thankful for the friends God brought into our lives while we were there, for without them I feel like our road would’ve gone off a cliff.

We are now in a new area and it seems our road is still broken but there are some smoother parts. That is all why the Broken Road has came to be. Life is a highway (yeah that’s a song) and I’m gonna ride it as long as I’m on it. Have grace with me as this blog comes into what it is and know that I’m just a broken, God-loving woman trying to ride along my broken road.

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