Don’t Be Offended

Don’t Be Offended

It is so easy to hear of someone getting offended or to be offended yourself. My name is Karen, a derogatory word these days. It would be easy to get offended about this. I would be lying if I said didn’t consider changing my name or that I dislike telling people my name. The truth is I am Karen because that is what my parents chose to name me, not because of my personality. It is people that chose to deem Karen to mean something negative, not because of who I am.

We have a choice to get offended or to let things roll off our backs. We all have a disposition of how we respond to things, but we also have a choice. I get random messages from people telling me sorry your name is Karen, or I can’t stand Karens, but am so glad you are nice. I choose to not be offended or bothered by these things. I believe I would be a very negative person if I let things bother me.

Jesus, of all people, would’ve had a right to be offended at the end of his life on earth. He was ridiculed and beaten yet he never once defended himself. He came to save us, to give us hope and forgiveness, yet he was treated like trash. In Matthew 27, the soldiers mocked Jesus and spit on him, yet he said nothing. He was going through all of that for the very soldiers mocking him. He went through it all so that all of us, even the soldiers that hung him, could have salvation in him. We get offended because of the smallest things and here the Son of God was beaten one lashing short of death, mocked, ridiculed, spit on and hung on a cross to die and he did not get offended nor defend himself. He could’ve saved himself but because of his love for us he endured.

How are you living your life? Are you so consumed with what you are going through that you forget there is something so much greater for you? I know I get caught up and forget the big picture. Reading Matthew 27 convicted me to keep my eyes focused on what truly matters. For me, it’s all about Jesus. Keep telling me how bad Karens are, how mean we are, I know it isn’t personal. I think it’s sweet when someone reaches out to tell me I am a nice one. Keeping my eyes focused on the cross keeps me from being offended.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Offended

  1. Hi Karen, I look forward to meeting you one of these days — since I’ve met both Mike and Jada here at RBC. Reading your blog made me think of Jesus. A little boy in secular England who heard the Christmas story for the first time said, “That’s really a nice story, but why did they name the baby a swear word?”


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